Adobe Color Wheel

November 21, 2014

Yesterday while figuring out colors for a WordPress site, I came across the Adobe Color Wheel (Adobe CC). My brain felt instantly at home playing with the different features. Its auto-adjustments make picking out complementary colors a breeze. I’ve already recommended it to a few people and I’m sure I’ll heavily use it moving forward.

Below are examples of a few great features that allow you to easily see what your best color mixing options might be. My sister has an art degree and knows color theory inside and out but after a few minutes on the site I’ve already taken a few more steps in the right direction.

The colors auto-adjust as you move your mouse:

Color Wheel Screen Shot

Your hex code auto-fills for each color making it easy to use on your website or project:

Adobe Color Wheel

You can easily change your color rule giving you a whole new scheme of colors:

Adobe Color Wheel Color Rule

Check it out for yourself:


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