Branding Destroy Nate Allen

November 28, 2014

The idea for purchasing came before I chose it for a band name. I was playing music as Nate Allen and nobody cared. Something needed to change. I purchased the domain. The band was renamed.

Before I began playing my own music I was a promoter, so I’ve always believed that letting people know about a project is essential. In the era of the internet that means owning a website. I didn’t know what branding was when we started but I knew how to promote and how to book shows so when I made an album it just seemed logical to me to go on tour. My friends thought I was crazy because no one knew who I was. But I started spreading the word to whoever would listen. This meant I had to decide how to market the band.

I wrote up the Destroy Nate Allen story in a few paragraphs, emphasizing the quiet indie folk feel and telling how I had made my album after work in the middle of the night. I was heavily influenced by Pedro The Lion and Bright Eyes, visually and musically, so I chose muted tones for all my design. This fit my songs well. In those days, outside of playing shows and handing out flyers, promotion was mostly done via myspace and through asking for album reviews. This worked. Promoters knew what to expect when I showed up and I played around 200 shows solo.

Then I got married. I had Tessa join the band and everything changed.

Tessa loves all things neon and shiny. She also has a background in theater. We connect musically on over-the-top punk rock. Our dynamic as a duo is anything but muted and quiet. This created an identity crisis for our brand. Our left turn cost us fans and we spent a few years figuring out what exactly Destroy Nate Allen was.

Destroy Nate Allen Photo By Carmen O' BrienAs we have settled into our new musical style, our love for bright colors and audience stretching interaction began to set us apart and we discovered our new branding as a sing-a-long, high energy punk band.

A great photo by our friend Carmen O’ Brien really helped solidify this image. I had a bio written and sought out press from nerdy and fun outlets. Eventually we had colorful matching costumes made. The last piece I came up with was our logo. The blue and pink in the heart perfectly captures our love songs in a symbol.

To provide further clarity I recently rolled out a new band (The Pac-Away Dots) to showcase the quiet songs that are still wanting to come out of me. All of these words and images are used throughout our social media platforms, allowing Destroy Nate Allen to have a clear and unified online presence.

So there you have it. We are a band built around a website for the digital age. Let me know your thoughts below in the comments.

To see the site in action hit up:
Here is a look at some of the design I’ve done or overseen for Destroy Nate Allen.

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